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For Huntersville Mayor

Proudly Serving the Huntersville Community Since 2011

A quality, successful town doesn’t just happen. It requires strategic planning and purposeful growth, so that someday when we pass the torch to our children, our town continues to prosper. I want my kids to be able to come back to their hometown to work and raise their families, and I envision a Huntersville where they can succeed and thrive.

This is why I am running for Mayor of Huntersville.


As Huntersville continues to feel the pressures of growth, we will need sound, responsible leadership in directing that growth as we move our community forward. I will bring the experience necessary to the role of Mayor in order to successfully guide our town.

Huntersville needs a Mayor who not only has the best interest of our community at heart but also a Mayor who listens and works to build bridges within our community. Huntersville needs a Mayor who can see the big picture and long-term outcomes from decisions made today. You can count on me to be this kind of Mayor as I have proven this over the last decade.

This is why I am asking for your support and your vote!

- Melinda

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